Moodtrack Private Diary App Reviews

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Just what I was looking for.

Simple, easy to use. I dont see the point of sharing but others might. Wish I could add a reminder but thats a small thing. Best part is that you can use any terminology and arent limited to a few different moods. First day using it and Ive already imputed 5 times.


I love this! Best mood tracking app ever! So easy to use and so many cool features! Its like a social network for your moods and emotions! Definitely worth the 1$

Kept freezing

This app kept freezing. It may be a good app, but I could not tell.

Good app!!! Thanks for the update!!

Ive been using this app for months and its great for me to track my moods so I can discuss them with my psych. no more freezing, yay, and i love the new update!

Easy to use, simple and convenient.

I love the simple interface of this app. You write a brief description of your mood( you are limited to a certain number of characters) then there is another box where you can expound or explain what is going on with you, insights, thoughts, etc with plenty of space. Lastly you rate your mood from 1 to 5 and thats it. You can track daily, hourly or whatever. It would be great for people newly starting anti-depressants or anti- anxiety mess, too. I suppose most of us who are tracking moods probably have mood issues, depression, sadness, self-esteem things, etc. Its unlikely that someone with perpetually great moods will need to document that, right?! But thats the point. Its a way to track your moods with what is going on in your life so you can make changes. Anyway, a wonderful, easy app. Thanks.

Love it!

Easy to use, helpful and one of the best mood apps out there. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Mood app

Very easy to use and very helpfully. A must buy for people suffering from mood disorders. Great job.

Blessings to the creator of this app!!!

Best app Ive seen available for tracking mood disorders. I love that you can see the wave, then you can rate with stars, and you have comment area to write things like day of menstrual cycle or what meds you took that day. And this is all free! I use it at my weekly therapist appointment for reference to check the pattern of my bipolar disorder to decide if my medication might need adjustment or to predict if I might be heading towards manic/depressive episode. Thank you to the creator of this app-an amazing tool. Need more room for writing though...

Can be easy

Theraperists arent forced yo trso

Erased Entries

All of my entries were erased

Very Useful App

I just got and started using this app today and I already love it! I suffer from anxiety and depression, so this will be very useful in tracking my daily emotions. And the best part? It was only 99 cents!

Great App

This is a really wonderful app. Ive started tracking my moods and brief thoughts at the time since yesterday. I can already tell this is going to be a fun and interesting way to find out more about myself and how Im feeling. I really like how you can name an emotion yourself and attach a star rating to it rather than just tracking mood only on a bad to good scale. Great work. I am very pleased with this app.

Luv it

Use it all the time

Requires sign-up even for paid, private version.

Its not stated in the description.

Cheep and does not sync

It requires an email for the paid verson. The default setting is set to Share and can not be changed to default to Private (even though the paid version is titled "Private"). It will not allow you to use the same user name on your other device. I.e you cant sign in on your iPhone if the user name is on your iPad. This is an app that has potential but the designers seem to be more interested in people chatting about their troubles and make it hard to maintain privicy. It is the cheapest functioning app Ive run into. It was a deceptive way to get my money.

Excellent App

I have the paid version (the only way to keep it private) and I absolutely love it. You can choose any word you like to describe your mood, add notes and rate your mood.

Very helpful tool

Love the visual layout. I like that you can do as many entries as you like, not just once a day

Alows me to see the patterns of my day

I can see when Im developing a generally negative attitude and work to adjust it. Also my councilor can see my moods over time and make suggestions!

Best mood tracking app Ive found!

This app works intuitively, and is easy and enjoyable to use. Best one out there!

Better than most

I like the fact that you can enter multiple points per day. I would rather choose from a list and rate value than having to enter a mood term into a blank input field every time though.

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